Which penguin did you notice first? The first one? the largest one? No, the RED one!

Make YOUR business STAND OUT on the web!

Did you know that 50% of all small businesses DON’T have a website? Are you one of them?

Without a website,  you are missing out from more than 65% of prospective customers who use the internet to look up businesses they with to use. People – including yourself – look up businesses (or “Google” them) to find out:

  • what days/hours they are open
  • what services they offer
  • if there are any specials available
  • what a place looks like
  • if they have what you are looking for

Without a website, a potential customer will move on . . . to a business that they CAN find on the internet!


While people may find your business name on the web – or worse yet, reviews that may not be flattering! – you own personal business website is the only place where you can:

  • have COMPLETE control over what is said and seen – with no questionable reviews or ads from your competitors!
  • feature exactly what YOU want – putting your best foot forward
  • have your OWN domain name – without benefiting others
  • link to social media sites of YOUR choosing

You may think getting a website for your business is too costly – both in time and money – but at Red Penguin Websites, we have plans to get your business up and running on the web with NO start-up costs and low monthly fees – less than the cost of a cup of coffee per day! Click on PLANS to learn more, or GETTING STARTED and have your new website launched in no time – with No work and NO worries for you (and NO technology either!)