Psi-Books Series: Volume 3 “The Other Side: A Guide to Theatrical Séances & Mediumistic Effects”

(available in German, French & English)

ISBN: 3-00-018226-8

German Title: “Alter Mundus: Die Andere Seite” – Translator: Philipp Messelken

French Title: “Alter Mundus: L’Autre Côté” – Translator: Valérie Doumergue

Spanish Title: “Alter Mundus: El Otro Lado” – Translator: Estaban Perez

The third book in Angelo Stagnaro’s Psi-Books Series is entitled “The Other Side.” The book explores theatrical séances. It contains nearly one-hundred effects and several photographs and diagrams. The foreword was written by Astor.

It includes 91 magic effects suitable for your theatrical séance including precognitive, clairvoyance and mediumistic effects. Other chapters including lessons in cold reading, ventriloquism, hypnotism, stealth, black art techniques, psychic and paranormal experiments, the art of storytelling, scripting, palmistry, the art of deception, acting skills and theatrecraft. It teaches how to handle pre-séance and post-séance for the best theatrical impact. Of special interest is the paranormal investigatory séance section which shows how to brings the traditional séance into the 21st century.

“The Other Side” also comes with a sample séance director’s script, a sample cold reading, a large glossary of mentalist patter terms, a collection of cold reading one-liners and an extensive mentalism bibliography.

A chapter of the book is dedicated to magic tricks which uses a mentalist utility deck of cards known as “The Phenomena Deck” (instructions in English, German, French and Spanish) also by Angelo Stagnaro. Retail price is US$23 (€19) plus shipping. The Phenomena Deck is designed to emulate a normal deck of playing cards so that most card tricks could be replicated with it. The deck was developed to avoid regular playing cards in mentalism act. The deck consists of 13 symbols based on Rhine’s original five set up in four “suits” of four different colors. The deck is “one-way” in design. The first five basic symbols of the Phenomena Deck were originally developed by Prof. J.B.Rhine (1895-1980,) of Princeton University. His seminal research on ESP during the 1920s produced his famous “Zener Cards.”  Several of the remaining symbols used in the Phenomena Deck were partially derived from the Phantini’s Challenge Mental Act.

The idea for the Phenomena Deck’s four multi-colored suits was taken from Dr. Thorton’s Perception Deck as described in the Mentalist Encyclopedia – Volume 1 (pg. 192.) The original deck had fifty cards (two complete Rhine decks) and came with three effects.

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