The Erasmus Book Test Series: Cagliostro’s Diary

by Angelo Stagnaro

“Cagliostro’s Diary” represents the first volume in Angelo Stagnaro’s Kismet Book Test series. There are six titles in the series.

The Kismet Books are distinct from other book tests in that they are designed to be self-working cold reading aids.  “Cagliostro’s Diary” is a multiple-use mentalism tool that will allow the performer to conduct several mentalism experiments during a single 45-minute performance using only this book. Mentalism effects possible with this book include: 1) reading a spectator’s mind, 2) cold read the spectator, 3) offer experiments in extrasensory perception (ESP), 4) offer experiments in telepathy, 5) offer experiments in precognition.

This book test is based on the historical figure, Alessandro, Count di Cagliostro, born Giuseppe Balsamo (1743-1795) in Palermo, Italy. Considering his wild exploits about this impenitent charlatan magician who claimed all of these abilities and more, it was eminently appropriate to name this mentalism effect after him.

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