Psi-Books Series: Volume 1 “Conspiracy: A Guide for Mentalist Partners”

(available in German and English)

The first book of Angelo Stagnaro’s Psi-Books Series is entitled “Conspiracy.” It’s a textbook on practical mentalism and concentrates on partnered codes and other secret arrangements between a mentalist and his confederate.

“Conspiracy” contains nearly one-hundred effects and as many photographs. It also comes with a large glossary of mentalist patter terms, a collection of cold reading one-liners and an extensive mentalism bibliography.

“Conspiracy” is published by H&R Books of Humble, Texas and will be available at most magic stores and through H&R themselves. Larry Becker, the grand-père of mentalism, was kind enough to write a foreword for that book.

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“Conspiracy” is available in English from H&R and in German from

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