Psi-Books Series: Volume 4 “Shibboleth: Advanced Mentalism Effects”

(available in German and English)

The fourth book in Angelo Stagnaro’s Psi-Books Series is entitled Shibboleth. Shibboleth is the only book in the Psi-Book Series that is not topic-specific. The book explores advanced mentalism effects suitable for stage and close-up performances. Foreword by Jeff McBride.

The author categorizes mentalism effects into several sections:

1) Clairsentience Effects (ie, distant–sensing psychic phenomenon,)

2) Meta-psionic Effects (ie, effects that seemingly control the basic forces of nature and reality including gravity, time, energy, probability, electromagnetism, space, density, inertia, etc.,)

3) Metagenic Effects (ie, effects that simulate futuristic evolutionary genetic abilities popularized in science fiction and fantasy literature and film,)

4) Precognitive Effects (ie, effects that simulate the ability to foretell either the short-term or long-term future,)

5) Psychosomatic Effects (ie, effects that simulate the ability to control one’s body or through hypnosis, control the bodies or perceptions of others,

6) Pyrokinetic/Cryokinetic Effects (ie, effects that simulate the supposed ability to heat/fire or extreme cold,)

7) Telekinetic Effects (ie, effects that simulate the supposed ability to move physical objects with one’s mind,

8) Telepathic Effects (ie, effects that simulate the apparent communication of one mind to another by psychic means.)

In addition, the author offers advice in developing a mentalist’s stage persona, an exploration of professional ethics for mentalists and advice on acquiring information surreptitiously (ie, hot reading.) Unique to this book is an entire chapter dedicated to alchemical mentalism, that is, mentalism effects performed with the use chemical preparations including several unique pyrokinetic effects.

Shibboleth also comes with a large glossary of mentalist patter terms and an extensive mentalism bibliography and a collection of cold reading one-liners. The book contains 110 mentalism effects.

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