Psi-Books Series: Volume 5 “Spur of the Moment: A Guide to Impromptu Mentalism”

(available in German and English)

The fifth book in Angelo Stagnaro’s Psi-Books Series is entitled “Spur of the Moment.” The book explores impromptu mentalism effects to help make sure that a mentalist not be caught completely unawares performance-wise.

The book defines “impromptu magic” as magic done other than as a prearranged performances. The author has assembled 110 mentalism effects conveniently categorized into different locales/social situations: 1) in the parlor, 2) at a party, 3) in the car, 4) in the park, 5) at the dining table/restaurant, 6) in the street. 7) in the elevator, 8) at the office, 9) at the beach, 10) at the bank, 11) at the doctor’s office, 12) on the train and 13) on the phone. In addition, each situation is treated in three different levels of “impromptuness:” A) Absolutely impromptu, B) Semi-Prepared and C) Being Prepared.

The book also describes the process of assembling an impromptu mentalist kit.

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