Decks of Cards

Mentalism Deck

Here’s a classy looking marked and secretly stackable deck from Master Mentalist Angelo Stagnaro (author of “Conspiracy,” “Something from Nothing,” “The Other Side” and “Shibboleth”)

The custom-printed pack is based on the original ESP symbols used in Dr. Rhine’s famous system. Very nicely made and complete with instruction booklet (in four languages.)


Phenomena Deck

The Phenomena Deck is a tool for mentalists, kid-show workers, beginning magicians, close-up workers – everyone!

This custom-printed pack of cards is designed to work like an ordinary deck, so that most card tricks can be performed with it. But here’s where it gets good: the deck consists of 13-symbols based on Dr. Rhine’s original ESP symbols and is printed in four different colors instead of suits.

Kid show performers will be able to use this deck for audiences that don’t yet know one playing card from another. The same goes for very young, beginning magicians.

Of course, in addition to regular card effects, the Phenomena Deck can be used for a host of mental tests and mind reading effects!

The attractively designed Phenomena Deck comes with an instruction book in English, Spanish, French and German detailing a number of clever effects made possible by the Phenomena Deck.