Smoke & Mirrors E-zine


Smoke & Mirrors E-zine is a monthly, international, electronic magazine for professional and semi-professional magicians and mentalists. It was originally meant to serve a small group of magicians in New York City about upcoming events. It has subsequently become more international in scope.

Smoke & Mirrors is the Internet’s largest monthly magic e-zine in terms of readership. It is also the Net’s oldest, monthly magic e-zine. Subscription is free.


Mission Statement

Smoke & Mirrors’ mission is to provide an accurate and timely source of pertinent information for professional and semi-professional magicians and mentalists. Smoke & Mirrors also offers opportunities for magicians who wish to publish their articles and reviews for the benefit of the greater international magic community.



Smoke & Mirrors lists all major magic performances, lectures and conventions throughout the world. It provides reviews and articles on important magic topics and serves to remind magicians and mentalists as to holidays pertinent to the profession.