Society of Concerned American Magicians (S.C.A.M.)

Since the early days of the Society of American Magicians, an organization of professional magicians united in their love of the magical theatrical arts, there have been professional magicians whom have teamed up with scientists, mathematicians and law enforcement professionals to root out psychic and occult charlatans.

These criminals take advantage of the bereaved, confused and ignorant into believing their tricks, essentially the same as those of a stage magician, are indicative of “awesome, inexplicable powers” and a sign of “personal sanctity and great wisdom.”

Nothing could further from the truth.

And thus The Society of Concerned American Magicians (S.C.A.M.) was formed.

We are an organization of magician crimefighters very acquainted with the tricks of the psychic and occult trade.

Before you hand over your money or dignity to charlatans, consult with us so that we might train you in what to watch out for.

Investigations are our specialty. If a psychic or medium has been previously arrested, wouldn’t you want to know?

Spoiler alert: We have investigated hundreds of psychic-and-occult industry claimants who make bizarre, self-promoting claims including about their supposedly special powers but not one thus far has been to pass a simple litmus test for nonsense.

Contact us for your peace of mind before you plunk down money for a fake psychic. All cases are considered confidential and won’t be made available with any identifying details.

We also offer lectures for organizations interested in protecting themselves from the wiles of such criminals.