Theology Lectures

10 Ways to Pray Workshop

Based on St. Dominic’s classic text on the ten forms of Christian prayer. Participants will learn different forms of prayer and experiment with each.


Workshop on Contemplative Prayer

Also called the “Perfect Prayer,” contemplation is considered the highest form of prayer. This workshop is a hands-on exploration of both meditative and contemplative prayer.


Death & Dying: A Catholic Response

Do you know what happens after you die? Do you know how to prepare yourself for this very definite eventuality? Living with an eye towards Heaven will translate into living a good Christian life. This lecture explores the Catholic Christian understanding of the afterlife and what comes after the afterlife.


Magic for Catechists

Learn how to put a bit of fun into your catechism lessons whether you’re teaching kids, youth or adult RCIA by adding a few easy-to-do magic tricks. No sleight-of-hand or stage experience necessary.


A Lenten Spiritual Transformation

Topics include Evangelization, Conversion of Heart, Forgiveness, Fasting & Abstinence, the Meaning of Suffering, Almsgiving, Indulgences, Pilgrimages and Prayer.


Food for Body & Soul

Based on Stagnaro’s popular A Lenten Cookbook for Catholics, participants learn to cook classic Italian Lenten dishes while exploring Lenten transformative spirituality.