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  • St. Don Bosco – Don Bosco created the art of Gospel Magic from a very early age and is therefore the primary patron of the art. (Feast day: January 31)
  • St. Nicholas Owen – St. Nicolas is considered the Patron of Stage Illusionists and Escape Artists because of his use of cabinetry skills in creating hiding spaces for fugitive priests and lay Catholics during Britain’s Penal Times. He evaded capture by the priest hunters for many years and also managed to escape from the Tower of London. (Feast day: March 22)
  • St. Dismas – St. Dismas is considered the Patron of Reformed Thieves. In this regard, Catholic Magicians who utilize pickpocketing in their acts consider him their patron. (Feast day: March 25)
  • St. Simeon the Holy Fool (Simeon Salus) – St Simeon is considered the Patron Saint of Puppeteers. In his iconography, he is depicted holding a hand-puppet which he used to mock himself and to ridicule sin. Stage magicians who utilize puppetry and ventriloquism in their acts recognize St. Simeon as their patron. (Feast day: July 1)
  • St. Lawrence of Rome – St. Lawrence is considered the Patron of Comedians. As many stage magicians perform lighthearted and comical acts, it’s quite common for Catholic magicians to ask for St. Lawrence’s prayers for their performances. (Feast day: August 10)
  • St. Claire – St. Claire is considered the Patron of Television because of a legend that she saw a vision of a Mass as if it were projected upon her cell’s wall. For this reason, mentalists will ask for her prayers when they perform. (Feast Day: August 11)
  • St. Genesius of Rome – St. Genesius is also known as Genesius the Actor because he was the greatest actor of his age and, in fact, converted to Christianity in the midst of a play designed to parody the Faith. (Feast day: August 25)
  • St. Nicholas – St. Nicholas, of Santa Claus fame, was called a thaumaturge or “Wonderworker” because of the many miracles which occurred in his life. It’s hard to find a better patron for Catholic magicians who perform for children and those who want a spectacular outcome to their performances. (Feast Day: December 6)