Sign In and Sign Out:

Every morning when signing in your child for child care, State law requires a full signature and time of arrival. Every afternoon or evening time when picking your child up from child care, State law requires a full signature and time of departure. If we receive a fine for a lack of signature that is required on your part, we will have to re-direct that fine to you, and you will agree to reimburse us.  If you have authorized a grandparent, another relative or a family friend to pick up your child from child care, please let them know the routine and required signature.  Please notify us if this is a new person picking up your child.  Every person picking up your child from care must be on the Child Care Home Register form under “other than you, who has permission to pick up your child?”

Fee Agreement:

Child care payments are always paid in advance.  Please read this contract carefully. Child care payments are always paid in advance on Monday mornings, every other Monday morning or on the 1st day of the month no later than 9:00 am prior to child care services. For example; if child care needs to begin on Monday morning, payment needs to be made for that week or two on that Monday morning no later than 9:00 AM, and thereafter on Monday mornings no later than 9:00 AM . If payment is late a $35.00 late fee will be added to your bill and must be paid. Please don’t be late.  Place your payment in your sign-in & sign-out calendar. Please read your contract. We do not give refunds. We will apply credit if necessary. If you are given credit, you will have up to 1 month to use it.  Tuition is listed on the tuition form.  Payment may be made in cash, money order, direct deposit or check via bill payments.  No personal checks are accepted.


If your schedule for child care changes or rotates weekly or monthly please keep us informed. Your current schedule helps us plan ahead for meals and arts and craft projects. We always want to include all the children.

Please call us that night or early the next morning if your schedule has changed or your child is ill and will be unable to attend child care for the day.

Contagious and/or Ill Children:

Please be considerate and think of the other children and child care staff. If you think your child is contagious or is ill and you have a question please call and ask. We do not want to expose the other children or staff to any contagious illness, rash or other ailment. We cannot accept a child who is vomiting or has diarrhea nor can we accept a child who has a fever of 101 or above, and cannot be controlled by Motrin or other fever medicines.
We cannot accept any child who even thinks he/she might have been exposed to Head Lice. This exposure to other children could lead to a huge outbreak. If you think your child has head lice or nits, please let us know or ask for help and treatment.  A sick child is always happier at home with family members to help him/her feel better.


A prescribed EpiPen is the only  medicine that the child care provider will administer and/or store for the child in the event of an emergency.  The EpiPen must have a doctor’s prescription with the child’s name on it.

Prescription medicine will not be given and/or stored by the provider.   Non-prescription medicine such as Tylenol, cough syrup and or cough drops can not be given to the child by the provider nor stored at child care.  If your child needs medicine, please provide that at home.

If your child needs sunblock and/or insect repellent,  please apply to your child that morning, prior to child care services for the day. We do not apply sunblock and/or insect repellent nor can they be stored at child care. Children cannot be responsible to apply their own sun block and/or insect repellent at child care.

Your child may bring a tooth brush and tooth paste. Place them in a zip lock bag to store in their locker. We do not assist in the brushing process. It will be up to your child to remember and brush on his own.

Minor Emergencies:

A minor emergency is usually falling down while playing. We will handle this situation by helping the child up, give him a hug and say ‘you are going to be OK, let’s go get a really cool band aid’. If that didn’t quite work, we might have the child call mom or dad at work, and just go from there until the child is calm and feels better.

Medical Emergencies:

The first thing we would do in a medical emergency is check the child, identify the kind of medical emergency, stabilize the child and the other children, call 911, administer CPR and/or first aid, and call the parent or guardian. On the Authorization Form, the parent must check the ‘yes’ box that reads ‘to obtain medical care’ for the ambulance driver to drive your child to the hospital.

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