There are several varieties of termite; in New York, the most common variety is the eastern subterranean termite. They enter homes through even the smallest cracks in wood flooring or concrete foundations.
We can eliminate existing termite colonies in and around your home and prevent future infestations. We offer baiting systems that lure termites to pesticide-treated bait, where they go on to bring the pesticide back to the colony.
Our Termite Control Includes:
  • Termite baiting systems
  • Colony eliminations
  • Termite control maintenance programs
  • Termite control and prevention
  • Service reports issued

We offer quarterly treatments and year-to-year preventative maintenance for carpenter ant removal. Most of the control can be executed from the outside of your house, but interior chemical applications can be carried out if necessary.

We also provide prevention and control services for small ants, pavement ants and odorous house ants.

 Bed bugs can survive for a year, laying hundreds of eggs during their lifespan. As the population grows, the bugs may spread to other areas of the home, including carpets, tables, dressers and even picture frames. Although you may not be able to see the bugs themselves, you may notice telltale signs, such as pepper-like fecal particles and bloodstains on your mattress. Bed bugs can bite any part of exposed skin; the bites look like raised welts or an itchy red rash.
To treat a bed bug infestation, it’s essential to find and eliminate every last bug – leaving even one or two live bed bugs behind will only start the problem all over again. If you suspect you have bed bugs, your best solution is hiring a pest control professional.
We offer bed bug treatments in homes and commercial buildings throughout NY. Our bed bug treatments are geared to be affordable and convenient for our customers.
Most big-business exterminators will charge thousands of dollars for their services, then tack on hidden fees. Our chemical treatments are proven to be effective and efficient for the price.
Our Bed Bug Control Treatments Include:
  • Clutter elimination
  • Residential treatments
  • Commercial treatments
  • Chemical treatments
  • 24-hour apartment, building, or home evacuation
  • Bed bug detection system for ongoing monitoring
 Rats and mice can enter homes and other structures through small openings, such as the area around pipes and cable wires. Once inside, they make their nests and come out at night in search of food. Even if you don’t see them, you can see evidence of an infestation such as chew holes and droppings. You may also hear scratching sounds from the walls or attic at night.
We offer rodent control as well as insect control. We offer quarterly pest programs to ensure year-round elimination and prevention of rodents on your property.
We install trap mechanisms and bait stations. We even install landscape stations outside your home to disguise unattractive traps – no one will see that your property is being treated.

Our Rodent Control includes:
  • Mice control
  • Roof rat control
  • Norway rat control
  • Trap mechanisms
  • Rodent elimination
  • Bait station installation
  • Landscape station – disguises trap
We offer yearly treatments to remove stinging insects from your property. Our certified technicians will inspect your home or building for nest detection, ultimately eradicating it entirely. Annual service treatments are available.
Our Stinging Insect Control Includes:
  • Yellow jacket control
  • Wasp control
  • Hornet control
  • Cicada killer wasp control
  • Carpenter bee control
  • Bee control
We offer free on-site estimates with no obligations.

We can also provide solutions to all your exterminating needs.

Our General Pest Control Services Include:
  • Earwig control
  • Silverfish removal
  • Flea removal
  • Cricket removal
  • Carpet beetle removal
  • Roach removal
  • Centipede / Millipede removal
Our Late Summer / Fall Treatments Include:
  • Stink bug removal
  • Western conifer seed bug removal
  • Asian lady beetles
We offer free on-site estimates with no obligations.