Client Relations/Sales Job Outline

Red Penguin Web Solutions is currently looking to fill several positions in the area of sales/client relations. The position calls for outgoing, self-motivated individuals who enjoy meeting new people and would like a position which includes flexible hours and generous commissions.

Red Penguin Web Solutions has been developing and maintaining websites and social media marketing for the past 10 years to clients throughout the New York area, ranging from small businesses and organizations to churches and schools. You can learn more about us at While we are accepting new clients of all needs and sizes, the program that we are currently promoting is designed to give businesses a personalized website quickly at a low monthly rate. Considering that all businesses need a web presence and many – perhaps even half (from an informal glance) – have no website or an old, non-functioning one, Red Penguin Website should be a fairly easy sell.

Hours/Location: sales/client relations specialists can work as many hours as desired per week, but are expected to make sales every week unless otherwise noted (vacatio6n, illness, etc.)  Locations are at your discretion, but must be recorded – both for compensation as well as territory – so that other sales representatives don’t visit the same locations.

Compensation: $15 per hour OR $75 per new client. After your first 5 sales, your commission rate will be increased to $85.

Prospective Clients: Lists of prospective businesses with no websites will be provided, just choose the geographic area you wish to work within.

Expectations: Since you will be “selling” a service that is necessary for all businesses, and it is aggressively priced to make it easy for new clients to sign on, you should find sales as easy as presenting Red Penguin  Websites to the right businesses – and closing deals should be effortless. Even with no sales experience, your first week should definitely bring at least 1 successful sale, with at least 2 sales per week in subsequent weeks. After your first 5 sales, your commission rate will be increased to $85. The sky is the limit on how many sales and how much $$$ you wish to make weekly.

Getting Started: Begin first by reading the material found at , and then fill out the form below to meet and discuss whether you would be a good fit for this exciting and lucrative program. If so, you will receive your startup supplies, including marketing materials for distribution, planning guides, etc., so that you get started making money right away.


Special Note:

This position puts you on the ground floor of an enterprise that meets a critical need of so many small businesses. Also, the concept of no work/no worry websites with practically immediate delivery is truly needed by thousands and thousands of businesses near you. The potential for sales and advancement is virtually limitless if you have the passion, vision, savvy and personality to see the possibilities and act upon them.