Cold Weather Advice

Everyone should check their oil to make sure they don’t run out during this cold spell also check to see if your humidifier is working properly adding humidity to your home can help you save on your fuel bills. You can lower the temperature & still feel warmer when you have a higher humidity level

Charity Work

Went to Rotary Club meeting this morning (I always thought of a bunch of little old ladies sitting around quilting, boy was I wrong I found it to be very interesting what they do and how much money they raise for other charities through out the New York area…Many apologies for all those years of preconceived notions. They are very nice men and women in the community coming together to help the less fortunate.

Routine Maintenance

Check out your oil burner. Look for the draft damper and see if it will move freely. It should open easy when the burner is running, if it doesn’t there is a good chance your oil company is causing you to burn extra oil costing you more money.